ricardo lino /// in tha bridge park

raw footage style, lino kills it.

la brakeless /// saturday sessions

real sick to see la brakeless bringing some web flicks to the mix. real mellow session here and some good shit definitely goes down.

skate shiTT

way too fucking sick.


sights and sounds.


aj sent this through, he got some clips in the beginning, sick to see he kills it on a bmx too. anyone whos been following fixed since the early days will also recognize eric puckett in the mix too, so sick to see he still riding bikes. killer edit straight through too.

quick clip? // big wheel bmx

haha. sick /// killerfx bro.

winter shred

cold weather is coming /// heres some winter shred street type shit.

n00bs // 4 flicks

digging the tunes in this one /// fgfs worldwide.

daniel le and friends keep em coming.

quick clips is always sick.

get your shred on no matter what you got to ride.