LOCKEDCOG is holding this series down real hard with some killer footage from ya boy BOOTHBY ALL DAY. you know whats good. boothby always kills it, check that TT shirt in the mix too /// yup, you already know im fucking pumped on that shit. keep this series going//head over to lockedcog and for more.

omar sebai /// double barspin

yeah u seen double bar flyouts and shit... but off the stage at cherry park is some serious shit. omars on fire lately///keep that energy strong. always holding it down for MACHETE. SO SICK .


i dont know where i found this or if i saw it elsewhere, but its sick haha. bang that shit real loud.

off TTopic

im not the biggest fan of group rides, but this teaser joint is sick.

the hisTTory channel /// dylan fishnchips

this flashback is so sick. super og fixie jumping. i sometimes forget how long dylan has been holding it down... dude flys under the radar these days, but its sick to see him still with it.

skate shiTT

not only is this educational skateboard material, but i would equate the current state of fixie freestyle to this generation of skateboarding. sick fucking era, so enjoy where we are right now.


n00bs is worldwide. fixie freestyle comin up.

wTTf /// why

get yo thruster on // its not VVIKED WEDNESDAY anymore, but i wanted to share some bullshit.