submissions end tomorrow night /// get yo shit submitted

the cove /// packy and omar

packy and omar came through with some killer clips at this cove park. so much good shit in here, these two are on fucking fire lately. solid edit, especially considering its all at one park. always psyched on footage from these guys.


this is not your typical n00b shit. this first one blew my mind, cant say that ive seen footage from this kid before, but fuck he goes for it. some serious shit in here... this fucker will be slaughtering shit in no time. keep an eye out for Markos Calderon.

snooker??? wtf /// bar smith like holy shit. noobs are fucking shit up.

its safe to say that the game is dun changing with shit like this. some serious tricks coming from an unknown name in fixed. if you getting comfortable and thinking your skills are dialed, you best step yo shit up, cuz noobs is coming through and killing it.


fucking sick style, killer spot use, real psyched on this guys riding. cant fucking wait to see more. sounds like he's joined up with ZLOG, so i suspect we'll see some killer shit to come, hopefully he'll get out to ride with the rest of them guys up north.


this is your sunday morning cartoon shit /// or some wake and bake wonderbread for some hahaha. turn your shit up and click fullscreen.

daniel le october

daniel keeps em comin. gettin them back wheelies dialed too. when we gunna see some 180 up back wheelie shit?

pipe freelife sport

this is sick // killer soundtrack, always pumped to see people going hard as fuck to get tricks. some heavy slams in here.


hes a god, he's no longer a black man.