lockedcog /// broken

krislc broke his finger in half and threw away the tip in a pile of human shit (check the ender)... so its going to be some time before he's healed. he decided to put this flick together in the meantime til he can get back on a bike. always sick clips, one of the most fluid styles in fgfs, one og the longest running og's at that. dont miss this one, always stylish footplant game in the mix. LOCKEDCOG kills it consistently.


ive actually been looking to track down this edit for a while now/// just for the swans soundtrack. fucker showed up in my stream this morning which is why the swans eyeTTunes post as well. fuck with it, shit is so sick. psyched to be watching this edit again.


swans <3 br="br">

skate shiTT

sometimes you gotta just get out and fuck around... dont forget to have fun with this shit.

ken nguyen /// quick edit

quick one from ken nguyen. looking more confident on his bike these days.

brian shin /// greenrail

first handrail type shit. so psyched.

n00bs // two flicks

n00bs is taking up fixed bikes worldwide /// dont know where this is, but im always psyched to see it.

let this take you back to when you first learned tricks... everything was fucking sick, no matter how big or small.

frame snap

keep shanes bloody shin in mind when you go finishing your frame off haha.


TT 02.15.11_2, TT THIETH TTH13TTH TTv

TT 02.15.11_2, TT THIETH TTH13TTH TTv

TT 02.15.11_2, TT THIETH TTH13TTH TTv