street edit 2

solid showing from TOYO. gotta love that wheelie circle to slam in the intro.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

this ones comes from the wild world of walking around and jumping off stupid shit trying to pretend like you do stunts for kung fu movies... they call it parkour, i call it fucking stupid. this ones a youtube classic tho. fuck work on mondays, especially when everyone else got the day off.

skate shiTT

some super sick creative use of spots in here. killer skateboarding throughout for sure.


this ones goes way back haha. sick old school bmx shit... another epic snag from sean coats like list. he's been finding some killer shit lately.

enishy x dot9s

kinda long, but theres some sick spots in here and its always fucking killer to see some new shit from nasty. signature sliders in the mix too. always killing it. check his WBASE BLOG  for more

n00bs // dearron

14 and coming in hot haha. always psyched to see some young guns gettting into this shit. he got some potential for sure.

a day in dublin

this park looks like a good spot to chill out. lots to ride. thanks gustavo for sharing this one.

eat shiTT

solid hip slam /// that shit always hurts.