i dont know?


fuck i cant wait for the CSK edit to drop, but in the meantime, clappe the butcherman upped some leftovers. ruff has some real fucked up slams in here, tyler is killing it on a bmx bike like who the fuck knew, and clappe makes that holdfast 29er look so fucking sick. be sure to watch all the way to the end for some "fruit boot" action from mts, tj (wtf), and kareem. super sick leftovers for sure.

lockedcog 3:30 /// alex "gnarlos" rodriguez

this ones sick /// im a gnarlos fan, and i know he rolls with kris, psyched they dropped this. dude got wild style and he fucking goes for it. click through to LOCKEDCOG for the rundown.

skate shiTT

good old fashioned grass roots skate shit.


sights and sounds for your eyes and ears.


as you can see in the freeze screen here /// some heavy shit goes down. watch.

the hisTTory channel /// joel weston

you dont see much from joel these days, but this shit was mind blowing when it dropped. i dont think it was the first fakie wheelie, but it still holds its value as one of the most legit longest ones///and definitely one of the earliest fakie wheelie clips.

winter shred

haha this ones a classic.