city grounds tv // congo

if you arent already following CITYGROUNDSTV on youtube // you fuckin up... this one just showed up on there of congo. the title says bike check, but its some mellow sidewalk shred. im always psyched to see new shit from congo///he a fixie fuckin legend imo, and he works at the dtlb store these days so cruise over and get yo congoloid bars autographed haha.

skate shiTT

compton put me on to pat franklin /// im always psyched on his footage.

3 clips w/ desmond grant and michael

quicker is sicker. short and sweet right here/// some cul de sac shit and a classic downtown long beach spot. always killer riding and always improving.

big wheel bmx

good big bike shit is #veryrare // dont miss this one.


heres another ones from sean coats like list haha. he keeps digging up good shit. theres also a bonus here // dug up a classic "hip hop" track that sampled this "elevator music" from the flick...


i like how they cover the body with dirt. 

the hisTTory channel /// revoked in new york

this is a sick flashback /// lots of your favorite fixie killers in the mix here.

james madarang /// wheelie 180 trick tip

lol. i love these sarcastic trick tip joints.