you already know theres a fuckfest of hammers in this edit // so dont even hesitate. vince, tone, and elliot headed over to seoul to evangelize THE UNKNOWN. they hit some crazy spots, went hard to get clips, and stacked a serious tour edit. fucking crazy what elliot and antonyo can come up with in such a short time. the enders in this are fucked. just watch // fucking killing it.

its always spring break 4

ralph is a fucking "character" // haha this guy always bring some funny shit to the mix. keep it interesting. i dig where his heads at and his riding and videos keeps getting better. 4th installment of this series, keeping that fucking dream alive.

quick clip // james deleon // truck drivin

sick to see trucks coming in /// you got em mayne, time to take that shit down some stairs.

sam houser /// fgfs&bmx

sam got out with one of his bmx hombre's to get some quick clips. mellow shred.

toronto beef jam 2

everyone out in toronto area should get in on this shit /// grass roots rider driven trick comp shit. that traffic splitter wheelie got me pumped haha. here's what they sayin about the event; "Toronto Beef Jam! We thought a fun video flier was the best way to spread the word about our upcoming FGFS jam in Toronto. It will be Saturday October 20th 2012 and EVERYONE IS INVITED! Toronto has dealt with too much BS in the scene and this is our chance to squash the beef and build our community up. BEEFJAM!!"

skate shiTT

sick skate shit. if sean coats had a dollar for everytime his like list shitted out a killer edit i'd be deep in debt to him. he always comes across super sick shit to watch.

big wheel bmx

some "chill" chainless riding and shit.

the hisTTory channel // matt spencer

this one comes to mind when i think of some of the best edits we've seen so far. you can watch that ender over and over, theres so many good clips in here, such good style. matt has a unique take on riding these bikes, a different way of looking at spots, and his riding is always on that same shit. when this dropped, people were calling it the "edit of the year" even though if i remember right it was early in the year. so sick//fucker is unstoppable still. WOLFDRAWN KILLS.


some rap shit ha.


here's your first look at the event that went down over the weekend. 5ONIT and 209COGS stay on top of their webflick game always.


caught this on fb by way of matt spencer. too sick not to post up... pegless annihilation.


some n00b shit from the other side of the world. fixie shit blowing up everywhere. sick to see younger riders jumping on these bikes.




TORONTO is going to be having a FGFS jam on October 20th!
Everyone is welcome to come have fun, ride bikes, and party.
Spots throughout the city have been selected to accommodate all levels and styles of riders.
Anyone from anywhere is welcome to come. You can always find a place to stay.
Prizes and sponsors will be announced as the jam gets more organized.