quick clip /// charles littlejohn

charles has been flying under the radar for way too long now... he got sick style and skills to go with it these days. i really cant wait to see more from this guy... and this is the essence of a quick clip, 8 fucking seconds hahaha, so sick.

jakob santos // fixed america

jake is hitting the road to stack footage for a tour dvd. this should be pretty sick as it comes together, he'll be "cruisin usa" on a fixie mission, stacking clips with local riders, and hopefully picking up some hitch hikers on the way. its just him and his chick getting in as much riding as possible. hit this guy up if he's rolling through your town... hopefully he keeps us updated along the way.


LOCKEDCOG 2.O IS HERE. this has been a long time in the making and it came out sick. not only that, but kris is ramping up with some new content and shit. always sick to see these blogs grow and get better. LOCKEDCOG has been holding it down forever//click through and check that new shit out.


jonah kessel sent this through // KRAB died over the weekend of heart failure. from the looks of my fb feed, this guy was loved by a lot of you. rest in peace, gone but not forgotten, immortalized on youtube no doubt.


we ride seoul city part 3

finally some fucking footage of that unknown trip to seoul. lots of good shit in here. kind of long, but worth the watch for sure.


this ones pretty sick. some "chill" shit from chicago. footage in the mix from when matt and corey were out there too.

up to portland

mon put this together for stillpour /// came out sick. i love a fucking drive.


todays eyeTTunes is brought to you by "ya boy" congo hahaha. i dont have audio at work so i have no idea, if you hate it, make sure you message him on fb and let him know.

leviathan //seshkult

sick edit, sick spot. phillip keeps good shit coming. that ditch spot is so fucking sick.

quick clips /// christian musgrave

musgrave just dropped a couple creative quick clips. sick to see him still riding... these are fucking sick quick clips right here. 

fixieboyz x 209 cogs

san jose is home to a fuckload of up and coming riders. keep an eye on this shit.