already posted up some bmx shit this morning /// but fuck, i cant sleep on shit like this. you already know whats good with some bone deth shit, but this is a trailer for a full length. so fucking pumped.


omar put in work for this one. he's slowly been stacking clips for a while now and put in real hard work to take his riding to the next level. that shit not only paid off, but it shows here in this one. proud to get that head tube sticker placement on his frame. theres some crazy shit in here that you might want to watch twice to fully digest. "peep game" omar kills it.

fish&chips 9 states tour

looks like the squad over at fishnchips took a tour and stacked some clips. hype mix type shit, tune in to this//theres lots to see. i love the nighttime footage and the fucking neon shit.

skate shiTT

here's the final product for that skate shiTT i posted up earlier. harish anderson posted it up on my fb wall // "caught me slippin" // i shouldve looked the shit up as soon as i posted it. so sick /// bbgkcmo knows whats good... hamrick gotta be missing all these sick fucking spots in here too. kc looks like a fucking skatepark in this shit.

devin tolman /// end of summer

i know this one has made the rounds by now /// this edit is sick. stacked footage, styled edit, fast riding, spot variety, good tunes... lots of good shit in this one. if you didnt already watch this shit... dont fucking miss it.


i get fucking pumped whenver clint drops some new shit // this was the first thing i watched today. always so fucking good... and some charlie crumlish in it this time. must see TTv for sure.

big wheel bmx

been a while since we had some big bike shit in the mix over here, this ones solid.

skate shiTT

im not one of those sports fan types // but this shit looks pretty sick. ill be psyched to see the final product.

the hisTTory channel /// CITYGROUNDSTV

this is a sick flashback and definitely one of the edits from back in the day that stands out in my mind. more than a few highlites in here... including the ender haha. this one showed up in my stream by way of something that just dropped /// CITYGROUNDS (your favorite fixie shop) just enhanced your "viewing pleasure" with CITYGROUNDSTV on youtube. i dont have details for you, just seen this shit pop up///definitely fucking psyched to see where this goes tho. click through and subscribe if you know whats good.


been too long since we seen something from SFG /// back in the day they upped quick clips all the fucking time. sick to see them staying at it tho.

n00bs // overlimit

the riding doesnt really start til about half way // still sick to see a new squad stacking footage and getting shit out.

game of F.G.F.S.

i dig this one for entertainment value. always good to watch a game of fgfs /// you gotta question the officiating sometimes tho hahaha.

bulltrain // aray

quick one from BULLTRAIN // thats that new new UNKNOWN "asian fit" frame he's riding. shit looks so sick. with smaller bikes hitting the street these days, this shit might be of interest to some riders over here too.