desmond cook /// welcome to burro

this is fucking sick for a quick skatepark flick. desmond is coming up hard and paired up with BURRO which is so fucking sick. always psyched to see burro holding it down, and sick to see desmond getting some recognition.


Photobucket this idea was born over the weekend /// vince and i were talking about bootleg sessions, and how sick/grassroots it was... and how we need that back in fgfs these days. i figured we dont need to dress this shit up too much, its going to be all about the riding. we are calling everyone who wants to be a part of this to submit, you have three weeks to get your clips in... deadline is OCTOBER 15 for submissions (send them to TTvBLOG@GMAIL.COM), we will then chop it down and put together our favorite clips into a mixtape. anything goes, slams, outtakes, big shit, tech riding, creative clips. more details will follow as this shit unfolds, it will drop as a DVD only and will be paired with a limited FIXIE MIXTTAPE TT-SHIRT. DO NOT SUBMIT CLIPS THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN UPLOADED OR USED. WE WILL THROW THAT SHIT OUT. ORIGINAL FOOTAGE//NEVER SEEN BEFORE SHIT ONLY.

omar sebai /// mani pad session

omar keeps the web flicks coming /// with all that practice both on the bike and behind the computer, his riding AND editing skills are coming a long way. this shits so sick/goes perfect with the tunes. killer short flick. keep em coming omar.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

i stumbled into some good shit on youtube so i thought id just load up this mondays eat shiTT post.

i dont usually post rollerblade shit, but i came across this and couldnt resist.

sick mountain bike annihilation

killin it

justin rojas stacked some clips for durcus one /// looks like that killin it frame is getting put to good use. sick spots in the mix too, 0:15 is a spot thats been around for fucking ever, i cant believe that shit is still there haha. so sick.

yerson and kendall

yerson and kendall put together some of their leftovers from summer. good shit throughout as usual.

sunday ride joy 5

jakarta fgfs is coming up. mostly n00bs in here, but these fuckers are progressing quick. real psyched to see em drop a TT graphic at the end of the flick. keep this shit coming.

skate shiTT

this ones old, and i might have already posted this once before///but it came up in my feed by way of sean coats likes. some good entertainment for a monday morning.

n00bs /// two flicks

piotr dobija is a new name to me /// but his riding looks natural and effortless. cant wait to see more from him. i imagine this guy is going to progress fucking quick.

you gotta love the title on this one "FIXIEBOYZ408" haha so sick. young guns coming in with some stacked footage. lots of new riders in the mix here.



Rick Anderson posted this on his facebook. Its fucking amazing, just watch it.