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Last night Utah killer Dave Thompson won this years NORA cup for his part in Killjoy. Killjoy also took best video, if you haven't seen that shit you need to get on it. The video above comes from his part in the crew's old flick 'That's It' / / JACKOFF

bike check /// desmond cook's se showtime

i havent seen enought of these built up/// and from what i hear, everyone who gets on one loves this shit. this build is sick, built up solid, killer colorway, and sick photo spread with it. here's the rundown;
>Se showtime /// 
Shadow solus mid ///
>Ns fundamental fork /// 
Cult salvation topload /// 
Machete slayer bars /// 
Odi longneck grips /// Demolition metal bar ends
>Unknown headset ///
Unknown BB
> Resist relapse cranks /// Treelite 30t /// 
Kmc freestyle chain /// 
Primo stricker pc pedals ///
>MTX 33 /// Rear unknown /// Front odyssey vandero V2 /// 
Front geax tattoo lite /// Rear Michelin town+country
>Resist 12t cog /// All-city lockring
> 2 Gsport G.L.A.N.D hubguard /// Shadow rear hubguard /// 
3 Shadow little one pegs


torey over at WRAHW just dug deep on some fixed freestyle history. he's been in it since the earliest days and is always opinionated. i think its one of the most comprehensive write ups on the topic and it came out sick/// complete with photos and videos. click through to WRAHW and read that shit. 

alec aranowitz /// throwaway

theres some good clips in here, but the real stand out imo is that green and black bike. so fucking sick.

klifgt2012 /// tailwhips

so few people are even attempting tailwhips, but in this flick it goes down. they're doable, get after that shit.

nick ramirez /// gutter butter wax

nick is a solid guy // i got big respect for him and what he's got going with gutter butter. here's some talk about whats going on with this shit. he also dropped some shirts (the one he's wearing and shit), they came out sick. support rider driven brands, buy some shit from this guy. click here to go to the GUTTER BUTTER STORE /// buy some shit, its all priced real fair and looks sick.


i meant to post this one a while ago // but here it is... short, packed with hammers, lots of slams///this fucker goes hard to get clips. real psyched to see more.

skate shiTT

going back to your home town to shred after you been gone for a while is always sick.


change of pace for friday.


n00bs worldwide. its all the same, get on a bike and get some tricks dialed.

cruising down the street getting your wheelie on is one of my favorite "activities" and shit.