this is fucking sick /// sounds like the man kris (LOCKEDCOG) is dropping a new series. he's coming out the gate with a sick flick from shark. theres some killer fucking clips in here for sure, phillip always brings good shit to the table. head over to LOCKEDCOG for the details, im fucking psyched to see where this series goes.

macaframa /// return of the mac

you already know whats good with this shit /// MACAFRAMA kills it as far as production goes, and the squad they recruit always fucks shit up. i wont bother with anymore words///JUST WATCH THIS SHIT NOW.

skate shiTT

had to get this in the mix cuz the premiere is "popping off" right now at the art theatre on 4th /// if you live downtown and tryin to get yo skate shit on head over there now and you might still catch it.

two day edit in lbc

this is sick for a two day joint. that first line is some good shit///taking a different route at a heavily filmed spot. lots of real solid riding and they got at a bunch of the good spots downtown. psyched on it. keep this kinda shit coming.

meltingpot 2

merlin meuris knows how to put some good shit together. this edit is fucking sick. its not all about hammers and shit, sometimes an entertaining edit is way sicker to watch. this shits real good, always digging merlins flicks.

rooTTs /// quick clip

this is a sick quick clip for sure /// if you really want some bmx shit, head over to THECOMEUP and check their interbike coverage and shit.


hayden from DREAM AFFAIR hit me up to get this in the mix here at TTv /// never heard of em before this, but i can dig their sound. worth a look/listen, sights and sounds for your eyes and ears, this video is nothing short of a show. click through to their website if ur into it.

off TTopic

i know you probably already got your fill of funny shit from 8Y8LURKS VVIKED VVEDNESDAY /// but i caught this on eservice fb and had to post it up. lol//