This section of the Sour Fever DVD features Torontos craziest messenger and my favorite rider, Ian Christison, getting buck wild. Full of bangers.

bike check // steven dunnuck x suspension forks

i caught this on fb last night, i thought steven was kidding when he said he built this up fixed /// but this is no joke... and you had to know this was coming at some point. im not one for suspension forks on any street machine, but on the flip side, the goal here is not to discriminate. im guessing this shit is fun as fuck to ride///pumped to see what steven does with this fucker. love it or hate it, dunnuck just opened a door that no one else wanted to touch up until now... here's the rundown;

blkmrkt street fiend
recon rock jock
demo cranks 
demo pedals
profile 33 sprocket
tramp straps
blkmrkt way low bars 
blkmrkt underboss stem
odi grips
atom labs laced to profile
carbon protected wtb seat


monday sucks /// eat shiTT

lamarche posted this up on fb /// one of his stunts from the movie. too sick not to post up.


lino and jotta always bring some heat with their flicks. i spy a GOAT on 24's in there haha. so sick. lots of good riding/good spots, grime X lino X jotta, you already know whats good. just watch this shit.


this has been a while in the making and the end product came out super clean. kind of off TTopic for TTv, but theres some tarck in the mix, and i gotta keep that jball shit in the mix here. psyched to finally see this, the tarck section in the beginning is some real "classic" throwback shit, and the hill bombing in the second half is killer. clean filming and editing throughout. definitely worth the watch if you got time to sit back and check out a long flick.

aj austin /// dont move here

700c is a dying breed /// but AJ is "triple OG 700c" haha, one of the earliest killers still holding it down. this is some of the best big wheel riding ever, one of the smoothest styles on any size wheels, and he got tricks that no one else even tries to touch///lawn mowers like wtf. im a big fan of aj on and off the bike, this edit is so fucking sick. type of shit to make eveyone wish they never switched to 26. watch it twice//fucking killing it. 


SHRED always goes all out for these contest entries. this shit is sooo sick, the fucking soundtrack is even MACHETE themed. so many sick clips in it, and a fucking EPIC intro and outtro haha. SHRED fucking kills it every time. pure entertainment.

you already know TMAO fucks shit up, but he unloaded some hammers for the MACHETE contest. sick fucking submission.

jimmy watcha has been the "n00b" to watch the fuck out for and he killed it. 45 seconds of solid shit. good luck judging this shit kbirdie.

mean /// welcome to bombtrack

psyched to see bombtrack growing and picking up some solid riders. this edit is clean from the lens and the riding from mean is dialed.


ROYAL HC put this throwback joint together. so sick haha, gotta love the tunes straight outta the old COD trailer. pogos, track stands, pop up barspins... this shit is sick, took me back in time/// and just in case you forgot where we came from, heres some hisTTorical reference type shit;

quick clip /// ghostride

this shit is both creative and sick as fuck. two solid clips, one bike, ghost ride in between. you guys should have submitted this for that machete joint. must see TTv.

alex nunez /// escape the heat

im a fan of alex/209cogs. i always expect to see good shit from him, but it looks like he fucking went for it with this flick. so many solid clips. completely underestimated this fucker. such a sick showing, watch the fuck out for alex.


im not usually a fan of park footage /// but some bone deth shit is always good, and theres some fucking killer clips in here. not yo typical park shit for sure.

fixie shiTT

no matter what bike you ride /// wheelies are always the shit.

kenny saab /// fall edit

this is pretty sick from kenny. serious signs of progression in it, his threes are getting so dialed. sick spot hunting too. always psyched to see the younger riders starting to find their "rhythm" or some shit.


young guns getting loose and throwing some twixtor in the mix. sick to see the focus both on riding and production. keep em coming.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

teaser for a full length type shit. sick edit, killer slam vibes. fuck monday tho.