FOAD fridays / / / parker thompson bump2nosie

Parker Thompson is definitely more of a masher than thrasher. But he can always throw down some goofy shit / / JACKOFF


i dont follow bmx contests too close, but this shit popped off in a club. so sick. i could get into that, booze and a bike show... this pairs well with weekends haha.

machete contest /// desmond cook

sick submission from desmond cook /// digging the slams and the clip itself is fucking sick. kbirdie got his work cut out for him judging this shit.

machete contest /// christian musgrave

damn// we havent seen much from musgrave and he comes in with this shit. that river wash bump jump is fucking fire. so insane. killing shit for the machete contest.

machete contest /// great black's weapon of choice

that first clip of the twirling skid out is so sick. shark kills it. glad he got in the mix for this contest.

skate shiTT

this one is fucking insanely sick /// epic fx in it. dont miss this one.


fuck yeah new banned shit from tom m.

bike check /// nicole datlen

MoN put this one together for nicole, real fucking psyched on the trippy shit here. sick editing/fx. its always sick to see some chicks who fix... i dont think she's a familiar name, but i cant wait to see more from her.


this is an edit ive definitely been waiting for/// i know it dropped days ago, but it was exxxclusive to another blog and i couldnt get it in the mix//didnt realize it was unlocked, but its sick to finally get it in the mix here. matt fucking kills shit, i love that first clip of him fucking flying off that hip, theres a shitload of clips in here worth rewinding a few times. matts style is so "refined" these days, and he really stacks clips when it comes to solo edits and shit. the hard work shows. always fucking killing it//always one of my favorite fuckers to watch. psyched to see him holding it down for SKYLMT///WOLFDRAWN edits are the best shit out.

iphone clips at silvo

something a little different. less than generic tricks in the mix. digging the tech creative shit for sure.

flashback /// 209COGS 2010

looks like some "NOS" video footage from 209COGS. these guys have been holding it down for a while now, sick to look back on the early days.

off TTopic /// girls on bikes

why not?? seems like a good way to start a friday. too bad none of these sluts can pop a fuckin wheelie tho... that would be some shit.