hellhound + blsd

lots of good clips in here, but that nollie no no at 0:31 was some shit. always sick to see something creative.


i dont know whats coming /// but lol/wtf haha

bike check /// tromss bb17 serpent

this is the second sick 700c build we've seen from THE NUCULT lately. these guys are holding down the big wheels hard. sick to see someone still gets after it. CLICK THROUGH and check out more pics and build specs.

MoN /// b-roll

sick b-roll footage from MoN // theres some slams in here that had me talking to my screen, long beach clips that had me laughing, and just entertainment straight through. i love me some b-roll shit and MoN got a good collection right here.


word is that banned 4 will be up in entirety on the internet soon /// fucking sick. heres part 1 get psyched.  if you never seen this shit, nows the time.

peter chen /// machete quick clip

peter had some unused footage so he decided to put it in the mix for the machete contest/// some good shit in it. gunna be hard for kbirdie to judge this bitch. keep em coming.

off TTopic

this is way off topic but im into it. not much to see /// just sick loops.

skate shiTT

super clean filming and editing /// movie style shit right here. sick sidewalk shred, good vibes, clean production. killer flick for sure.


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