pure fucking insanity. this edit is so good. hammers/insane intro/epic enders/killer tunes/the fuckin works.


the guys at SHRED dropped this one to launch THEIR STORE and shirts /// all of it looks so sick. this edit came out killer too // good tunes, epic setting, killer editing/ shred always knows whats good and executes clean. fucking pumped for this /// the shirts are available in four flavors as seen below and come with stickers and shit //////// click through and pick up some shit from these guys.

a taste of philly

looks like ralph is getting out to ride with some new people. some killer shit in here//specifically that water ride was fucking epic. digging the rawness///but they need to teach that chick some new tricks haha.


THIS ONE IS SICK. psyched to see dylan fishnchips get in the mix. fixie og bringing some new shit to the table. sick edit for sure///you already know i love all that TT shit in the mix. <3 p="p">
michael guntetong getting loose for the contest too /// keeping it light, funny shit with the tunes, its not all about hammers. participate for fun fuckers.

yousef is getting it in with some front yard shred. 180 bars are getting dialed. sick to see this contest rolling along, gunna be hard for kbirdie to judge this shit.

skate shiTT

one of the quickest quick three flicks ive seen from NETWORKSKATE /// and THIETH loves a quick clip.


less bmx /// more bone deth fan type shit. slide show and a WRITE UP HERE about the bone deth house. these guys live the dream all day every day...


if you follow vince /// you already know. heres your first spy shot of the UNKNOWN pegs. so much good shit coming from these guys. damn near everything you need for a complete bike these days.

winter shred

winter shit keeps popping up in my stream /// seems a little early, but fuck it, i love cold weather and shit, bring the winter.


probably one of the most thorough bike checks ive ever seen. long, but worth the watch.

n00bs /// three flicks

scenic spot

get high

audio cuts out but gettin them back wheelies towards the end there