skate shiTT

real good grass roots skate shit. killer spots, killer clips. bike cop at 2:38 is some funny/notsofunny shit//powertripper.

grant higgins od

ROYAL keeps getting after these up and coming killers.

209COGS /// hellafaded

209COGS always kills it. another sick edit from this squad.

masterfam /// back to school

going back to school fucking sucks /// this edit does not. haha. i missed this one while i was out of the office, but its definitely worth the watch. masterfam keeps em comin, keeps getting better.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

old school slam type shit /// gotta love it when people get it the over and over replay.

school is back in /// work still sucks /// literally... eat shit.


does this count as tarck? classic no front wheelie shit tho.

pldgaf /// goodbye 2012

2012 isnt quite over yet haha///but these guys are already ready for that 2013 haha.

n00bs /// 3 flicks

this is some serious potential right here. kids got smoothe style//killer bike control for a first edit.

young guns comin in non stop.

quick barspin /// blows my mind how tall bars are getting.