FOAD fridays / / hisTTory channel

When Thieth offered to let me do a weekly post on the blog there's no way I could refuse. For this first "FOAD friday" I want to take it back to some real old school tarck/fixie shit. "Chinese Chicken Teaser" is one of our first crew videos from 3 years back. We haven't always called ourselves FOAD but we've been rollin' together for a long time. It's always fun to look back on good times and see how much this sport has changed over the years

Fixed Factory 1 Year Anniversary Power Labor Day Weekend Extravaganza with the CSK California Division

long title / long edit / pure entertainment. CSK and FF is where the fuck its at. two of my favorite squads in fixed freestyle... and so much good shit to see in here. you can see the squad feeding off eachother throughout, and thats what its all about. this is exactly whats good in fgfs. bummed i didnt make it out to see you while you were down here ruff /// jetlag X hangover = i was dead. MUST SEE TTv. dont even think about missing tones ender. 

denis bejtic /// concept bikes

denis is killing it for CONCEPT BIKES right now. been riding a lot, filming a lot, stacking good clips, hunting down good spots/// it really shows here. his riding is coming into its own world and has a signature style. 1:00 is definitely my highlight but theres lots of good shit to see here. RATSHIT fucking kills.


this is sick /// kbirdie put together this demo clip to show you how its done. MACHETE contest is still rolling. its not whether you win or lose, not about how insane your trick/tricks are, none of that matters, submit/participate/have fun with this shit. everyone should get in the mix with this one. keep the submissions coming.

skate shiTT

so sick


mon is the most "travelingest" fixie killer in the game these days... and his bike is looking so sick right now. i saw it in person, shit looked so good it caught me off guard. he's definitely coming up these days... his progression has been swift and non stop for as long as he's been riding.

big wheel bmx

big bike shit like this makes me wish my 26er could coast haha. mostly park, but its definitely a killer edit.

the dark passenger

i cant say with any certainty that i know what this new frame is, or even who is riding haha, but this flick is killer... and its sick to see more 700c shit in the mix. dont miss this edit, keep an eye on this frame.

the hisTTory channel /// mike dinh for leader

this ones a year old according to vimeo /// i dont know how it showed up in my stream today, but it did, i watched, im psyched on it, so i had to get it in the mix. mike has been killing it for a loooong time. he's been flying under the radar for a long time imo, but these days he's fucking killing it. real psyched to see him progressing lately and his style has really transformed since these days. respect a fuckin boss.

max & grant /// oceansider riders

lots of sick clips in here. wasnt expecting so much good shit out of a "quick" style edit, but definitely worth the watch.

man up or shut up

more from the man up comp. this shit was so sick. i hope kenny keeps this going.


killer angle killer effects // kickin it old school