fuck these are two solid submissions /// jball went for tech/style, and omar went hard as fuck for some hammers. as far as ive seen, these are the first two submissions, so the bar is set real high. i know theres more of you out there ready to throw some shit down, so get em in the mix... even if you "dont think you'll win" still fucking sick to participate. show some love for MACHETE, get some clips out for the contest...



krislc /// eightinch butcher bike check

KRISLOCKEDCOG is a fgfs og /// they put some humor in the mix for this bike check, but his pedal setup is no fucking joke. always psyched to see this guy ride, such good style///and he pushes a more "traditional" bike geo. his bike definitely looks sick /// worth the watch for sure.

skate shiTT

some real sick mini shred in here.


if you havent heard /// four bikes were stolen in long beach a couple days ago. here are three of them, so be on the look out. if you see this shit, either call that lone gunman or fucking yank it out from under the motherfucker. bitches who steal are SHIT to me. fuck a bike thief, fuck anyone who steals anything, get your shit together, "man up" and handle your own so you dont have to take someone elses shit out from underneath them. if you see one of these bikes, or know anything/// you can always email me THIETH.GIVER@GMAIL.COM, or hit up my fb. fuck a bitch who steals a bike, low life fucks are wet for fgfs whips these days so dont leave your shit sitting ANYWHERE.


i hear all the time people talking like they know me or some shit /// lol so i thought i should drop some theme song type shit to speak to it. you dont know me.

winter shred

its raining, school is back in, summer is over///winter is on the way. get pumped for mega-corporately sponsored winter shred flicks coming soon.

sonny ony /// slyfix 050912

sonny kills it /// super deep bag of tricks and it seems like this kid can learn anything. insane skills in the mix here. watch the fuck out for this guy.

its always sweaty in philadelphia

sick to see philadelphia still doing things. pedal grinds dialed, clean filming and editing, and some slams worth watching a couple times. that chain hop hang up was brutal. there hasnt been much footage from carl but i hope he keeps shit coming.

SHMOB /// eat shiTT

eat shiTT quick clip style /// another look at dawsons slam from man up /// fucking insane. thats exactly how the fuck you MAN UP. haha.

n00bs /// two flicks

newcomers keep getting better. the bar is set higher these days for sure. sick potential in both these flicks.

check that ender /// fucking fearless.

yerson varela /// 2 clips

under 45 seconds /// should have submitted this shit for the MACHETE contest haha. a couple sick clips from yerson doe. 

fixie shiTT /// chicks who fix

i dont always post fixie shit... but when i do its usually worth watching. start your day off with some fixie chickies. whats not to love about that.