unknown mini

gabe has been one of my favorites to watch coming up. everyones favorite little shit hahaha. he constantly comes through with legit clips. this is just some mellow fuck around but, gabe looks so dialed on his new bike. cant fucking wait to see whats next for him.

charles littlejohn

here's someone who's been flying under the radar. we've seen very little from this guy, but watch the fuck out, looks like he's getting waaay more comfortable on his bike. killing shit for sure.

skate shiTT

fucking sick raw street skateboarding. the enders are epic.


in case you forgot, i fucking love banned. cant wait for banned 5.

humon moeen /// august 2012

humon stacked some footage from august to put this together. some killer creative clips in here. pumped on that hop up to skid at 0:25 /// i was just saying how no one does that shit anyomore. lots of good shit in this edit, psyched on humons riding these days, and his intro and outtro choice haha.

john jello /// farewell 700

seems like everyone is making the switch to 26 /// and these yolovision flicks keep getting better. this ones styled with some after effects and shit, i dig it. theres more to an edit than just dropping hammers, entertainment is crucial, this ones the best of both. psyched to see what he can do on some smaller wheels, and always pumped to see these guys reppin some TT shit in the intro.


tommy has been progressing and it shows. this ones sick, obviously put in work to get these clips. killer spots, killer footage. psyched to see him consistently step it up.

concept welcomes jordan altorre

sick to see CONCEPT making a presence. they the new frame in the game and they supporting riders. looks like jordan is joining the team. sick to see some local riders coming up too.

n00bs /// four flicks

im not going to spend too much time going back on some n00b shit i might have missed, but i might get to that later. for now, here's the recent shit. clean build and potential for sure, no indian givers in this one which is always sick from a young gun.

wrapping up some summer footage with this one.

some fuck around fail type shit.

stacked some footage for this one.

work sucks /// eat shiTT

this is what its like to be back // lol. straight from living the dream into some fucked up shit. vacation is always too short, and work fucking sucks.

...and i think summer is over for most school-goers too now. so reality is back//here's some summertime eat shiTT.

it feels like a never ending slam/fucking face drag to be at a desk right now.

looks dialed for the landing///then blam fucking down. fuck school, fuck work, lets rewind some summer time and skip all this shit. back to work motherfucker.

quick clip /// 360 to water

relive some summer shit with this quick clip.


back to work