you gotta love this shit haha. clear, concise, step by step directions so easy even a child could learn it. one of the best tutorials i think ive ever seen. hahaha.


this shit dropped while i was out // im always psyched and cant wait for some new david grant footage, this time he's holding down a TT shirt in multiple clips. FUCKING PUMPED ON THIS SHIT. sick edit to come home to, one of my favorite riders in bmx and an insane edit.

skate shiTT

street transition, skate everything type shit//pure entertainment.


typically 7 minutes is way too long for some web shit, but this one keeps the energy and the entertainment going straight through. sick clips throughout /// looks like they got out with lots of ca riders and killed some sick spots. clean filming, killer edit for sure. dont miss this one.

big wheel bmx

two parter /// psyched on that first one. no music style and some funny intro shit. second one is some sick fuck around shit too. always psyched on some 26 freewheel shit.


this is clean, killer, and i really dig the calling to "ask your local shop" /// its probably one of the better things you could do to push an up and coming brand forward.


looks like this shit was insane /// huge shout out to kenny for putting some real good grass roots shit together. this is the most legit street comp fixed freestyle has ever seen and its just the beginning of what deadwood has in store im sure. fucking sick, people were throwing down, killing themselves for tricks, evading police, fucking killing shit.


here's a photo from my trip // TTv will be back to its regularly scheduled programming shortly. ill keep it brief tonight and then back to the usual video ritual tomorrow. thanks to everyone who filled in while i was out, looks like there was some good shit in the mix for sure. fuck vacation being over tho, i was just getting acclimated to the local culture and shit haha.


We're grass roots company and don't earn much as all ya' imagine. We grow slow but we still try our best to bring out more great products to the Fixed Freestyle scenes. And here we go , I know all ya'll riders love free shit and ofcoz loving our badass Slayer Bar. So this is the best I can offer now. We're now going to giveaway a Re-Sprayed Matt Black Machete Slayer Bar 1st prototype , it's still fresh and no dent/bent. All ya'll have to do is film a quick edit which is under 45 Seconds , including Machete Bike Logo , Web Address (both official web address or bigcartel address are fine). Creative line , Speedy and Stylish combo will be more preferable. Video should be upload to YouTube or Vimeo (Please no facebook video). And that's it , this contest will be judged by Machete Team rider like Chu , Daniel Torres, Corey San Agustin ,Packy Golan and Christian Hambone! DEADLINE WILL BE 16. SEPT, 2012 !! So people , don't sleep. Join this contest and have fun!!//KBiRdiEdAdDY