young guns / / promo 2

Personally I don't think that there have been enough full length FGFS videos. There's something rad about having a physical object that you can look back upon. I don't know what sMc's intentions are with this "promo" but I would be super stoked if these duders released a full length / / JACKOFF

mark gonzales / / bicycle kickflip

The Gonz is a fucking legend. Duder has been ripping on skateboard for a long time. He is also super kooky, and this video is a prefect demonstration of that. "if you're gonna do nose wheelies, fuckin' do a nose wheelie bro"

phillip williams / / $HE$H

Super sick shit from Phillip Williams. Duder has definitely come up so much in the last while. I always enjoy watching his edits. Diggin' the feeble to nosebonk to fakie at 1:14