Austin based power violence at it's finest. When I taught high school I showed this to the 11th grade U.S. History class I had. They said "it's too slow and the vocals suck" to which I responded "no, 17 year olds just like shitty metal"... I felt like I taught them something that day.


over crankarm grind to nose manual @1:47 just made my day.

rooTTs// Scott Ditchburn Chainreaction BMX team edit 2012

Scott Ditchburn - Chain Reaction BMX Team Edit 2012 from chainreactioncycles on Vimeo.
Strictly fire!! UK BMX rider Scott Ditchburn latest edit for chainreaction. fuckin' killin' it!!
XUP Double Peg to hard 180 out , 180 smith to halfcab tap much good stuffs in it!
Siq BGM also!! must see!!!//KBiRdiEDAdDY

Justin Bieber

Alex Jones is from Austin and every time I drive up I-35 to ride or run errands the radio station he's on comes in crystal clear. He never ceases to ruin my day by tell me how the government is gonna kill me, but he's right, Justin Bieber sucks.