TTwenty six vs. sevenhundo

I made this video about a year back. It's pretty outdated now since Tyler Johnson, Matt Spencer, and Tom LaMarche have switched over. All the same, I think it's a good commentary on the stupid shit people quibble about concerning bikes. / / JACKOFF

Johnny Coward

"WTF on a fixie?!?"

Shot by Lance Skundrich

david grant / / 2012

Sick shit from david grant. He has such a clean style, gives tall lanky duders like myself some hope. Also note the TTv shirt at 1:31

warm up / / hiroki malta

sevenhundo's fo days / / JACKOFF

eat shiTT / / carl debeauclair

get wrecked, if you're not falling you're not trying / / JACKOFF

shred in peace / / randy taylor

Randy Taylor passed away this past weekend. Duder killed it, shred in peace / / JACKOFF

ramon antonio / / the devil rides a pale horse

Ramon Antonio straight slayin'. I had the chance to meet Ramon at this past Ride & Style and he is super rad dude. He's definitely progressed a lot in that last while, keep killin'

off TTopic

If you were born in the 90's you really missed out on some good shit.


I don't know if nowadays kids love or listen to the legend Wu-Tang's shit. But for me they are always the realest and one of the best rap group in the industry. And Rza always my favorite beat producer n rapper. So much style and got crazy flow. From Wu-Tang to Gravdiggaz...he did them all good!! And sure ODB is the rawest rapper in the history of my eyes. But when some one called YDB /Boy Jones came out as ODB's son , I was like WTF..this nigga is stupid....stop ruinin' his father ODB.
Today , Rza released his new track...feat. Boy Jones aka YDB...but I still would like to share...the beat is deep...and I can feel the 90s Wu is back... Love Rza..but still fuck that Boy Jones. lol//KBiRdiEDaDDy

And below is one of my favorite song of Gravediggazzzzzzzz...


Hey Yasuo~ It's been a long time...haha
Keep reppin' hard my bro //Coggie Wei

big wheel bmx

Yo, Sick stuffs from The Rise rider - Walter Mayerhofer.His new video has good personal style inside,pretty smooth// big bike shit.