Hector Carrillo TTeaser ediTT

Some of you may know I'm more into 29ers/700c rider. And this dude Hector Carrillo is one of the underrated 700c rider in this scenes , I love his style and silky smov riding!! Wish we can see more from him.//KBirdie DadDy


Charlie Crumlish is one of the most down to earth BMX pros I've ever met. He spent a few months down here in San Marcos, TX this past year and fit right in with all the locals. Whether its a curb or a skate park Charlie is always down to ride and have a good time. He's a humble dude and one hell of a technical ride whose got his own style in a world of barspins and tuck no's. Watch as he shreds my hometown park.

TTexas TTunes

If you've never listened to Willie Nelson then you've obviously never drank 4 loko, ate fists fulls of dirt, wrestled your friend in his shack, smash a mirror over your head, gone to the bar, arm wrestled a dude for pitchers, hit on some girl, made out with her then tell her "I got aids". true story.


offTTopic: How To: Use Fisheye, Wide Angle & Telephoto Lenses

Thanks Thieth again for letting me jump in and share stuffs I like here the TTv Blog.
So I just back from my Thailand trip and can't wait to share some stuffs I watch , read , listen usually.
First all I think this is one of a useful video giving you some tips on picking a right lens for your FGFS/BMX/SKATE/WHATEVER shooting. So guys , watch this and make your photo shot/ video better and better!! //KBirdie DadDy

Wynmar Golis / / Trick Tip

Wynmar Golis giving it you real in his trick tip. Super funny, gotta make sure you got those fixie bars and fixie rims on deck before you attempt