Shorty's Fulfill the Dream

I was trying to think about what my inaugural post would be but them got side tracked and started hunting to some sections from Shorty's Fulfill the Dream video. If you're impatient watch Peter Smolik's part as well as the last montage with the Cat Steven's song and epic spot. More relevant stuff to come soon but you can't deny that the mid 90's skate style ruled shit. JRUFF

TTunes & hisTTory

It's true that music has the power to take you back in time and for me DJ Screw reminds me of the early days of Fixed Gear Freestyle. Back in 2008 alot of dudes around Texas got into FGFS and we'd have monthly meet ups in different cities to ride, drink, and jam out. People around the world love DJ Screw but in my opinion I don't think you can really appreciate the man and his music til you spend a weekend in Houston Texas riding, smoking, drinking, and jammin' out with friends. Thats what FGFS was all about back in the day.