2007 and 2008 were big for FGFS here in Texas and Houston was one of the main cities holding it down. With a strong bike messenger scene Houston was the best place in Texas to have races, trick events, and drink too much.

the hisTTory channel / / torey thornton

Torey Thornton has been throwing down for ages, from the days of leg-over-skids until now / / JACKOFF


Louie is another native San Martian that has been ripping up the Texas BMX scene for years. Louie, CJ, and our mutual friend Erik make up the local joke crew "The BM-exicans". Charlie Crumlish put together this edit of Big Lou while he was in town for a few months last summer and it definitely delivers some of the biggest shit I've ever seen Louie pull.

rooTTs / / Cam Wood That's It

Cam Wood fucking slays, the fact that he reps Utah and is also a super rad duder gets me even more stoked on his riding. You can check out the rest of That's It here / / JACKOFF

Skate ShiTT

Richie Jackson double feature - get your hippie fill


Every town has its local BMX legend and down here in the 78666 (yes thats our real area code) we got C.J. "Cactus Jack" Romero. This dude is my neighbor and has been around the Texas BMX scene since its early days riding for Liquor bikes and appearing in videos such as the Trend BMX (now Empire BMX) video along side legends like Joe Simon and Ruben Alcantara. Filmed by BMX FU/Texas transplant Charlie Crumlish last year, this video still rips and shows you why so many riders move to the great state of Texas.