Fuck yeah!!!All the fucking kills FGFS riders from Japan,Their new ENiSHY 's Team road trip edit. riding so hard and have fun all in it!!! so nice~



THIETH IS GOING ON VACATION /// THAT MEANS I WILL NOT BE BLOGGING. that doesnt mean that TTv will be down. i've contacted some people to fill in for me while im out /// each of these chosen ones has an opinion i respect and think will be entertaining in my absence. i havent given them any real direction as to what should be posted, so it could get pretty interesting. ill be out for the next two weeks /// no phone, no internet. you are at the mercy of the usuals CONGOLOID, EYELURK, ANDY COMPTON, goTThross, the FIXIE FACTORY, SHANE, and the addition of these fuckers for the next 15 days ////
jackson from FOAD /// cuz these guys fucking kill it non stop and got a killer blog on their own. jackson will fucking keep the good shit coming.
denis bejtic because i know this guy is creative // i dont really know what to expect in the way of blogging which should make things interesting... no doubt he will entertain.
 k birdie // cuz this guy is a sick psycho with killer style, making some killer bike shit these days. ive found quite a few of our interests overlap, so im certain without a doubt that this fucking guy knows whats good.
 ralph is a fucking roadie // get ready for lycra, hilarity, and crossie freestyle in the mix. plus, prolly's readership is up, so i thought this kind of content might boost ours haha. jk /// but i know theres some readers out there that actually push roadbikes, not only that but ralph is a funny fucker and ive known him since he was a young 'G'. cant wait to see what he puts in the mix.
 RUFF /// MR.CSK /// ruff is a fucking character, a good guy, an OG originator in fgfs, and he stays up on whats good. if youve ever met him you already know... had to get this guy in here.
COGWEI /// this is our wild card. i have big respect for cogwei, he has been doing fixie shit since the beginning, since before you little shits even knew what a fixie was, let alone spun your first pop up barspin. he's been killing it forever. respect your elders//respect a fucking boss.
 aj came on board last minute /// this guy has been holding it down for texas since the early days. he's smarter than THIETH, more articulate, a bad ass all around, and might be the president of texas one day.


THIS SHIT WILL BE SICK /// 100% RIDER DRIVEN FGFS COMP /// get out to this shit for sure. epic way to close out your summer. no entry fee, no invite, no nothing, just show the fuck up and prove a point. theres a shitload of you guys killing it so get in there. socal riders should try to get up there too // start your planning now, ride sharing, lodging, looks like theres a shitload of CHEAP MOTELS nearby, so if you get 4 in one of these rooms u in there dirt cheap /// not to mention, if everyone ends up at the same spot, that shit will be a rager at night. support whats really good in fixed /// not some corporately sponsored exploitation. KENNY ARIMOTO / DESTROY / CHROME is putting this on, so show some support.


young dude going fucking hard. this is the kind of shit that gets me psyched. oscar is 14 and throws down harder than a lot of grown ass riders out there. he look small over top his bike, but drops some man size hammers for sure. itll be insane to see where he goes with this.

skate shiTT

toy machine kills /// one of the best skate flicks i seen in a while.


sit on my mink // cant get enough of this one

jordan madarang /// famli straps

jordan put this one together for FAMLI straps. solid edit for sure. that back wheelie early on is some good shit. watch the fuck out for this kid he comin up quick.

fixie shiTT

people still do this shit...


this one made the rounds yesterday /// insane tech riding


still blows my mind that barspins come so easy to you guys