up for grabs is a copy of CANT FOOL THE YOUTH // some cant fool the youth stickers, a size medium OG TT shirt, and a poster. post quick clips on my FACEBOOK PAGE /// AGAIN, MY FAVORITE WINS. you already know where im at with the shit i enjoy watching, so rather than throwing a barspin on flat, ride down some weird shit, skid on some road kill, ice 180 a ten stair rail. dgaf /// anything goes... deadline is tuesday and i may up the stakes after i dig through my "leftover" shirts and loot box. you already know ill throw in a handful of TT stickers too.

17 seconds or less // the shorter the better // must include "TTvBLOG.com" in the video. have fun with this shit, get loose, do whatever you want. its open to all comers.


the meme contest was way too fucking hard to judge /// i didnt expect the response to be so large, but you guys really came through, i had a few real good laughs through this shit, but JMIK dropped this one early and had me almost crying. all the submissions were awesome, i wasnt the only one entertained//everyone checking the fb basically turned your posts into a side blog. thanks to everyone who participated.

skate shiTT

flashback oldschool shred type shit.

the hisTTory channel /// what the heck-tor

haha you gotta love the title. somehow i missed this one. pretty classic flashback, interesting choice of tunes, good riding, long hair, haha. i dont know how i skipped past this back when it dropped, but you can see that hector has some serious potential here. i remember seeing this guy at the ROYAL flash comp killing shit, just going hard as fuck. much respect man.


 contest ends today /// imma pick my favorite, theres been some real funny shit. if you wanna see the most comprehensive cross section of whats been coming in, head over to my FACEBOOK PAGE. keep em coming til you see a winner.


i probably stole this from WOLFDRAWN /// but its worth the reup.

rooTTs // re-run

i just ran across this one again // definitely worth a re-watch or if you havent seen it, you fuckin up. click on that shit.

eat shiTT

ran across this one randomly /// classic epic fucking slam.

sdg lucas /// UVT taiwan video party

heres what they had to say;
Thanks All People's Spport !
"IMPACT GARAGE" make a donation to steven jensen "sister"
hope she get well soon !

K6F // 4 years

hard to believe these guys have been doing it for 4 years. killer to see people stay with it.