sMc irvine 2

sMc keeps it coming /// real fucking psyched to see "pink park" in the mix (first park i ever rode on a fixie).


some of you might have already seen "prototypes" of the new shirts out in the wild for "testing" (disney test passed/ready for launch) /// this shit has taken way fucking longer than i'd like to admit, but the store should be re-stocked at THIETH.COM shortly. i fucking love this photo hahaha///trolled. i hope those two little girls in the back bought this photo.

thanks to everyone for your support and patience // shits not always easy to orchestrate solo. every purchase matters, every supporter is real fucking significant in my world. cant do this shit without you guys, and every dollar goes straight back in for the following set of shirts, which is partly how we are able to offer a three color print this time.  stay TTuned.


uhhh... no sense in trying to comment on this shit hahaha. just watch.


the first clip here is fucking insane. hammers straight through.

the hisTTory channel /// "PSA #2 BITCHES"

i still remember how fucking funny this shit was when it first dropped, and i was over at FF a few nights ago and we watched it again... still fucking hilarious. must see TTv. most of you n00bs never seen this, and i think its a "classic" piece of "fixie history" hahahaha.

fixed fest

some fixed fest coverage /// tj is one of those guys that really gets involved when he's a part of something, he's always approachable and always having a good time. looks like the event drew a solid crowd and went off pretty decent.

skate shiTT

east coast skate shit is always good for a watch//so many creative spots.

n00bs /// "mall bopping"

haha you gotta love that shit /// late night line through the mall. so sick.