phillip williams /// omen

phillip williams came in relentless and keeps pushing shit every time he drops an edit. his story is the essence of determination//wanted that shit bad enough to put in necessary work to get it. always sick clips in the shark flicks, always going harder than the last edit. that super long feeble 180 is so sick... among other things. must see TTv.

packy golan /// riverbed throwaway

packy's throwaway footage kills /// better than some of the edits dropping these days. this fucker stays killing it.

rooTTs/skate shiTT

while the rest of the world pretends that synchronized swimming is actually entertaining /// check some unsychronized skate and bmx shit. this edit is sick, i know i seen it before but not sure if i posted it up already... either way watch this shit again.

skate shiTT

seems like everyones pushing around on cruisers these days /// check out some cruizer shred.


classic//i started my day with this shit on the ride to work. do the same, it does "wonders" for your "attitude" in the workplace.

chrome /// mwm3

if you get these shoes you will probably win mwm4 /// sick to see some more coverage from this.

209 cogs /// slowmo part 3

more slowmo from 209 cogs /// looks like they got this pretty dialed. time to mix it in to some full length edit type shit.

angel marcias ///

thats one way to get the park to yourself...

pldgaf // summer quick clips

quick shit is good shit.

n00bs /// 4 flicks

watch the fuck out for the n00bs

lots of new riders from detroit. sick to see em stay in it. fucking killer spots.

seems like theres so many good parks in az.

parking lot flatground type shit.