i fucking love kvlt klips /// WOLFDRAWN.COM \\\ watch this or die. haha. always so fucking good, and 13 deep.


hamrick is a fucking veteran /// been down a couple times, but keeps coming back way fucking stronger. super psyched to see he joined up with MACHETE /// he's been killing it since the first edit he dropped and stays fucking it up with this one. so many good clips // must see TTv.

FHQ /// good ol parking lot sesh

zane put this one together for UVT /// came out sick. its killer to see a demo type joint with both fixed and skateboards in the mix, and zane always kills it with the filming and editing.

james daleon /// slowmo

this is a two parter///raw footage style with some slow motion effect added. sick fx for sure. getting the production skills dialed too.

max pulice /// camera test

lots of young guns and n00bs in the mix here /// max keeps getting better. always psyched to see you guys reppin TTv // footage with the new camera is looking cleaner too.

grime /// in tha woods #2

ricardo lino and jotta are back at it in the woods /// killer park and always good shit from these two. grime kills.

jimmy watchat x pagan

sick clips throughout /// 0:51/1:13 are my favorites for sure. watcha flocka killin shit.

7//27//12///francis roque

mellow summer day schoolyard type shit.

quick clip /// calvin tualla

one liner

bike check /// johnithan carolino

clean charmer build

n00bs ///

coming soon...