christian musgrave /// welcome to mashafix

christian now rides for MASHAFIX.COM /// check this quick wierdo flick he put together for some welcome to the team shit. christian has been killing it for years now. sick to see him get some recognition.


its friday /// the day is half over. fuck school, fuck work, watch web flicks. caught this one over at TOLA and had to get it in the mix here. way too sick, got me wanting to bomb hills on my small bike.


the weekend is here /// you need some shit to do /// if you out in the "IE" or anywhere within a quick trip to ontario, hit up BUMSTEADS and check the premiere. i just watched CANT FOOL THE YOUTH for the first time last night and im pumped on it///review and some screen shots and shit coming soon. get out and see it. pick up a copy, support this shit and itll keep going. 

skate shiTT

one more cuz its friday /// everyone loves gonz // and we had to balance out that muska post. og skate day at TTv. bennett orlowski posted this up on fb and i couldnt resist the re-up.


this is definitely a change of pace /// jackson wallace sent this in so i watched it. this edit caught me off guard, i dont know what i was expecting to see, but variety, and some flashbacks to og fixie shit is what i got haha. lots of good shit in here, specifically the high speed wheelies in here are soooo sick.

forest parker /// raw legends

i always say we dont see enough from this guy and then shit like this pops up. forest fucking kills it over and over... this is exactly why. fast riding, big shit, super smoothe style. insane talent right here///cant wait to see a stacked solo edit.


intro slam and first rail are sick


purity ring has been "trending" for a little bit now. def a good sound if ur into this type shit.

skate shiTT

this one goes waaaay back. im sure theres a load of muska hate out there, and i would probably agree with most reasoning for that kind of shit haha///but this part is some classic skate shit, themed intro, killer entertainment. enjoy the look back.

yerson varela // moving

yerson is moving /// so he put together an edit? hahaha. whatever the reason, he always snags some good clips. theres front yard shred, some moving coverage, and someone taking a piss. what more do you want? 2:53 is definitely a highlite//check it.


<3 romantic shit <3


UNKNOWN BIKES just dropped these new micro drive and female front joints /// but wait theres more // head over to their blog and take a shot at the riddle to win a set. these look fucking sick, 9t driver is whats good with that micro shit you love, and theyre clean/black/fair priced hubs. get em while there hot.