gabe winawer /// palms cycles quickie

gabe has come a long fucking way/// i knew he had it in him since the earliest edit, but these days he's just killing it non stop/setting the bar high for everyone around him. so sick to see someone come up and really make a presence. so smoothe, so much style, i get the feeling gabe can pull just about any trick out of his ass///so he should shit out more quick ones like this... haha.

jordan madarang 2012

seems like jordan went hard for this edit. that intro slam was some crazy shit, real lucky on that one... lots to see here. this young gun is coming up for sure. serious signs of progression here and a solid showing.


raw style bmx shit.

big wheel bmx

big bike mini shred raw footage shit.

skate shiTT

vans france team in canada. killer soundtrack and some sick spots.

the hisTTory channel

where the fuck is andrew voegeli /// he came straight out the box with a stye all his own. i hope this guy still rides. pissedead in general, where the fuck you at?

n00bs ???

this ones over a year old /// so i guess he not a n00b anymore... but its some funny shit.