sMc /// FGFS

its rare i see an edit this long that keeps my attention /// sMc obviously put in work and it shows. real good clips all the way through this edit, waaaaay too many clips to call out, some shit mixed in for entertainment, doubles, creative shit, hammers, riding style variety /// this flick has it all, and its well put together. real pumped for these guys. edits like this prove a point that they arent fucking around, hard work paid off, watch the fuck out for this squad. 

rooTTs /// lol

the title and description say it all /// "notion store professional advertisement" // "We made this to put on TV, so everybody will buy a whole bunch of BMX shit from us."

rooTTs // wtf??

i have trouble believing what the fuck i just saw here. must see TTv.

grindhood /// yk

some solid slams in this one. this squad is coming up quick.

quick clip /// johnathan carolino

"PROLLY SPIN" /// haha. i still get psyched when i see this trick.

n00bs /// three flicks

good old fashioned flatground shred.

feeling the old school fish lens effects in these two from on off team