forest is one of those riders who got serious fucking skills but seems to fly under the radar until some shit like this drops. he always kills it/got one of the smoothest styles out there. this edit is sick, always psyched to see some riding from this guy. and the bags look killer//as expected from CHROME


matt fucking kills it hands down. hang fives dialed like a motherfucker, so much bike control, that line at 0:24 was soo sick, and the ender is fucking epic. this is the essence of "professionalism"///even if no one is really on some "pro" shit as we know it, matt is handling some shit, keeping footage coming even through injury, and setting the bar high with some skills most people cant touch. heal up man.

alfonso garcia /// just another day

some real good clips in here /// that rail hop line at 0:40 is so sick. sounds like hes stacking some footage right now, psyched to see what he comes up with. he's definitely progressed a shitload and looks real comfortable on his bike these days.

the hisTTory channel /// erik vehmeyer

this shits two years old /// ERIK V disappeared as fast as he came in. i remember when he first started dropping flicks, he came in just like this one/// super smoothe style, tech tricks not everyone else could handle, just killing shit. he has since just disappeared, probably pushing a bmx these days. i was talking to mike dinh about this guy the other day so i had to throw this one in the mix.

skate shiTT

good shit /// more for the aesthetic than the skateboarding.

40 seconds with johnathan carolino

some pretty good shit in here. young gun johnathan carlino getting some.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

poor life choices /// shoulda gave it a stomp test before the roll in bruh.


i dont know where the fuck this is, or why these fuckers didnt hit that fucking wall on they fixies//// but this spot is sick as fuck. CLICK HERE for the video.


always fucking comedy, always reppin that TT. this squad aims to entertain haha. theres some funny shit in here. they keepin this series going with a third installment of its always spring break///keep it coming man.

209 cogs /// scraps

solid stack of scraps from 209COGS