eat shiTT

knockout slams edition


LOCKEDCOG contiunes with the mobile vision type shit. i dig the casual phone filming type shit, always captures some "good vibes". this ones quick, but packs some killer clips//and word is the blog is getting revamped over there, get pumped for LOCKEDCOG 2.0

sizzling silvo

i missed this one a couple times on my fb page. some pretty good clips in it too. i watched it a few days ago and thought i had already posted it. yolovision flicks is non fucking stop lately.


this is fucking sick. marwin has been flying under the radar trying to get FUESH going. real fucking psyched to see he still kills it on a fixed bike. he's one of the pioneers//especially here in long beach, he's been holding it down since waaaay back.

skate shiTT

high quality city skate shit. fast skating/good filming/fast paced edit. good shit all around.

bike check /// pedrojose oliveira's xlife 24"

ricardo lino posted this shit up on my wall /// if you been watching close, you might have already noticed that some of this squad is pushing standard fgfs whips with 24" wheels. theres been some shit talk surrounding it, but the same came with people switching to 26, so shut the fuck up already haha, you arent going to stop people from riding what they want. i had to get this in the mix here on the blog, so i asked for a full build rundown/// here it is;
Frame:Xlife scorpio V2l
Fork: Xlife V2
Headset: United
Stem: eclat sean burns
Bars: Xlife 690 mm
Grips: eclat
Seat: Xlife fat
Seat Post: dmr
Bottom Bracket: generic 19 mm
Cranks: Dk 175 mm
Pedals: Colony plastic
Straps: Lucky Basterds
Sprocket:trebol 25t
Chain: ybn half link
Front Wheel: eclat simplex hub,rodi rim and spokes,schwablw crazy bob tyre
Rear Wheel: Xlife 9t Hub ,rodi rim and spokes ,kenda knption
Pegs: 2 salt,1 generic,1 macneil


gritty shitty bmx shit.

quick clip /// jonh dood 360

quick three off a ledge /// THIETH loves a quickie.

glendora quick fix

MASTERFAM is fucking non stop with the flicks lately. hustling hard to get their name in the mix. always psyched to see a brand thats backed super hard by the people involved.

n00bs /// five flicks

this ones sick /// new name to me. he rolls with SHMOB so you already know... mel got good style and soem solid tricks. grounds for some serious fucking potential. im psyched to see more.

mellow, quick, stay on it /// keep filming, keep stacking, keep the edits coming and shit will start getting dialed.

you dont need the best shit out, you dont even need perfectly functional "equipment" /// if it rolls ride it, get out and ride that shit.

happy birthday fino /// wheelie 180s getting em dialed.

skatepark one day type shit. some good clips in the mix.