Stevie Churchhill is soooo good. so many lines. The 720 off the wedge so rad and A22 gets in a few lines as well in this


These are some photos i shot on my shitty lil 35mm camera if you want to check out more go to my flickr

skate shiTT

lowcard is legit // this edit has some insane clips in it. those wallride clips up front are fucking nuts.


double rooTTs today /// little kids only count as half anyways haha. so many sick clips in here, the footplant at the one minute mark is sooo sick.

toTTal repost

bmx/skateboard/fixed/one rider/all in one clip. this ones some good shit. i totally remember posting this shit, but it showed up in my stream again somehow so i had to get it in the mix again. creative/sick for sure.

rooTTs jr

rooTTs jr haha. kiddie shit. i caught this one on matt reyes like list, if you can get past the questionable music///this kid kills shit. 8 years old//wtf.

big wheel bmx

some creative park shred///squish fork shit tho

n00bs /// three flicks

tbog 180s is sick

missed this one a couple days ago