mike came by on friday with his new whip just built up /// this thing look so fucking sick. the new UNKNOWN V3 builts up real nice, and this is probably one of mikes best looking builds so far. iphone photos and indoor setting isnt the best, but the bike itself is fucking killer, the new raw on these v3's is sooo sick /// here's the rundown;
Frame: Raw Unknown v.3 Small
Fork: MKE Bruiser Fork
Headset: FSA Impact Integrated
Stem: Rasta Cult Salvation Stem
Bars: Black Unknown 5" rise
Grips: Gum Cult Faith Grips
Seat: Black DECO Pivotal Seat
Seat Post: Chrome Resist Seat Post
Seat Clamp: Random Silver Seat Clamp
Bottom Bracket: Unknown BB 19mm
Cranks: Black Profile Cranks 170mm
Pedals: Orange Cult Pedals
Straps: Burro Mudflaps with Trippy Tape Job
Sprocket: Tree 4130 Cr-Mo 28t
Chain: KMC Silver Rust Saver
Front Wheel: Resist Hub laced to P35 with G-Sport Gland MK3 Hub Guards on Both Sides
Rear Wheel: Specialized P-Fix 10t Hub laced to P35 with Tree Driveside Hub Guard and BSD Plastic Hub Guard
Tires: Tan Wall Resist Nomads in 2.30 
Pegs: Animal Butcher Pegs in Red with Plastic Sleeves


looks like team RAT SHIT paired up with tom mosher. fucking sick to see a fixed gear pioneer still at it. tom has been killing it since the beginning of time, we dont see much from him these days... but when we do its always sick. some fucking killer pegless shit in the mix and always unconventional riding. just in case you forgot, mosher still got it.


the great grandaddy of it all killing it as usual. fucking unbelievable every time lamarche drops an edit. his new shit always catches me off guard, its like he flies under the radar and comes out of nowhere with a fucking edit full of hammers like this. respect the boss. lamarche blazed a trail and continues leading the way.


i dont even know where to start with this shit. tyler stepped his riding up fucking HUGE for this one. massive roof drop barspins like wtf, trucks, style, bike control, 2:02 was soooo sick, so much fucking fire in here its insane. watch out for tyler, he's out to kill.

sunny day in the oc

jball put this one together real fast /// mike just built up his V3 and these are the first clips of him riding it. looking real fucking comfortable on that thing. sick to see musgrave in the mix still killing it too. bot these guys are OG's on fixed bikes///and you gotta love that ender jballs fall with the "fucking killing it" commentary hahaha. too good.

clit clips + b sides

the second installment of clit clips is fucking sick. the riding, the spots, the group collected for this flick are insane. so much good creative riding in here. i wish this series was more frequent, dont miss this shit. must see TTv without a doubt.

antonyo's long night at work

this is sick /// fucking filming with the camera on his computer solo style in the middle of the night. you out of your fucking mind hahaha. tone stays creative///he's always up to something. if you dont love this guy, chances are you havent met him. always psyched on tones riding/he's looking good on that v3.

eat shiTT??

tony k put this one together for justin rojas /// shitty day at the park haha. fucking sucks when you cant put shit together and keep slamming. eat shiTT.


good to see wk still doing it.

justins house

summer time front yard shred. thats whats good. chill out with your posse and keep it mellow. masterfam keeps flicks coming non stop /// and you gotta love that pass the dutchie soundtrack shit hahaha.

n00bs /// four flicks

some pretty killer effects in this one.

some pretty good riding in here from mika /// too bad his bike is fucked, he got potential for sure.

keeping it mellow with some wheelies and shit.

mtb//bmx//fgfs always sick to see different bikes mix it up .