jean and swede /// summer

dont see much from this guy // but its always good.

robert rice /// bsides

robert is stacking for an edit and put out some bside type shit. i dig it. raw/no music, some good clips in here for sure.


ZLOG flicks always deliver /// this ones kinda long, but packs lots of good shit from a long list of riders. way too many highlites to call em out, but put your feet up and watch//take a video vacation or some shit haha, this ones too good to miss.

chu /// welcome to machete

theres been a lot of welcome edits lately. teams picking up steam this days. im real fucking pumped to see MACHETE growing. kbirdie has a killer outlook and style so i suspect we'll keep seeing good shit from this brand. as for chu's riding, fuck i had no idea i guess /// such good smoothe riding, and on 700 wtf. killing shit.

jonah kessel /// quick little quicky

real quick two clip flick from jonah and skyler muld∆ur /// psyched to see more from these two. jonah keeps the flicks coming.

lockedcog /// hoodcellhour.

kris set out with the "shred everything" mentality to snag some clips within a couple blocks of his house///proving that you dont have to look far to find shit to ride. digging the footplant shit in here, kris is an OG with a one of a kind style for sure. LOCKEDCOG KILLS

rooTTs /// at the same damn time

sick themed edit /// "doubles" shit. i used to skate this spot growing up, always psyched on shit like that.

skate shiTT /// twofer tuesday

neither of these is really "generic" skateboarding. you gotta love that guitar skate tho haha///and i wonder if you get hassled by security less if you wearing a suit.


maybe new to fixed but it doesnt look like theyre new to bike...