evan service interview in slug magazine

just caught this on the FOAD site /// looks like evan service got interviewed by a slc local, SLUG MAGAZINE  im a FOAD fan and psyched to see evan getting some recognition, you gotta know im fucking juiced to see him wearing that TT shirt in the shit too. evan kills it, CLICK THROUGH and read.

the hisTTory channel /// matt montoya

this is one of the first edits i remember from matt /// he's been killing it ever since. that spindle snap in here puts it down in my memory as epic for sure. not every day you get super quality filming on some shit like that, he rode it out like a fuckin boss tho. currently matt is a man down // wish this fucker well, dont know the details, but hospital pics are never good.


this is sick. some real good clips in here from everyone, and that park is fucking sick. fixie warriors killing shit.


R.I.P. /// i never saw this video/never saw this part from ricky. shit is so fucking sick. the ender is insane. if you never seen it, definitely worth a watch or two.

skate shiTT /// TRONG

always psyched to keep up with some TRONG shit /// even more fucking pumped to see some TT shirt in the mix. these guys have been holding down local skateboarding since forever.


this is the kind of shit i love to see. a group of riders who've seen minimal coverage going hard as fuck to get clips. lots of good shit in here, raw choppy filming, raw approach to riding, killer spots, solid rails, tons of variety in here. so sick. must see TTv.

bike check /// justin rojas durcus one killin' it

you dont see these frames every day /// and he got on some original color shit with it. definitely a killer build.

gullivan /// poopy

gullivan put together this fail reel // i dig it.



cycle jerks /// gary elliot

psyched to see the cycle jerks legacy keep "rolling".

n00bs /// night mamba

chill out and kill your spot all night type shit.