happy birthday mike /// hes been sitting on this footage for a while and decide he'd drop it on his birthday. some crazy shit in here for sure as expected from chacon /// that backwards forwards shit around 1:08 fucked my head up and that 180 bar ender is massive. must see TTv for sure. MIKEONABIKE is always killing it.

fixie shiTT

not quite sure what this is about /// but i dig the effort and the aesthetic.

gabriel garcia 2012

gabriel keeps stepping his shit up. barspins so clean these days. good tunes, lots of good clips, but that tbog barspin is definitely some standout shit.

boothby b-roll

boothby always kills it. hard to believe this is b-roll shit. 180 smith ender is fucking fire and some huge hops in here. one minute of epic shit for sure. boothby all fuckin day.

bike check /// bijan's BB17 chamer 700

clean build /// always psyched to see a 700 build, they few and far between these days... and you know im always way fuckin pumped when you guys drop some TT shit in the flick. check it.

open on stay on

vetty creative shit with projectors /// good web entertainment for sure.

eat shiTT /// omar sebai

omar can take a beating, get fucked with, and get back up for more.



akira one day edit

not bad for a one day edit.

skate shiTT

quick clip style /// so fucking sick.


watch more bmx flicks


that concrete slide spot is fucking sick /// truck driver ender... lets see more of that shit. 0:34 lol /// so much variety in here, spots, tricks, riding style. definitely worth the watch.

n00bs /// three flicks

short is good. under a minute and the makings for some good riding.

feeling that 1 handed wheelie to 180 /// old school shit

hang 5's are trending right now haha. seems like a lot of people are getting after em these days.