this is fucking sick /// evans little brother gets loose. when your big brother kills it on a bike, you got a coach at home and someone to ride with all the time. izik got some killer tricks and solid bike handling skills. cant wait to see this kid progress. FOAD always kills it, psyched to see this squad coming up and getting bigger.

keep it trick jam // gwang run

here's our first look at the keep it trick jam. they get a long fucking time for each run if this is really one run. shits gotta be so tiring towards the end.

skate shiTT

caught this one by way of tony k on fb.

the hisTTory channel /// miles mathia

this one goes back two years according to vimeo /// this one caught me off guard when it dropped. definitely hadnt seen much from miles, but the switch from 700 to 26 in this flick shows some real fast progression. this was one of the early dual 26 frames out there too. miles kills it, even back here, he definitely has his own style and crazy bike control. been too long since we seen a solid solo edit from this guy.


oldish but this shit makes bmx bikes look fun as fuck.

n00bs /// three flicks

those nollie 180s are pretty dialed /// ready for some bigger shit for sure.

that blue build is pretty sick

quick one liner at vans

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

this ones a little different /// trailer for a flick on the way. looks like its gunna be some good shit too.