not sure what to make of this... spotted at PRISTINE /// here's the only comment so far on their blog... bring on the shit talk, im sure theres some weighted opinions from both sides out there;

mashafix // THE MOVIE

jahrome was telling me he had something up his sleeve... and this is it. its not a stretch to imagine that he's sitting on shitload of footage, i always wondered where the fuck this shit was going... now you know. cant wait to see what shows up in "THE MOVIE" but fuck theres bound to be some fucking insane clips from all kind of different fixie rider. stay tuned to MASHAFIX.COM for updates.

skate shiTT //// double feature

this first one i caught by sean coats likes on vimeo. sick spot and right up at signal hill for some local flavor. brad, where you at with this, get out and ride that thing haha.

this second one comes in from brad on fb by way of RADBALLS BLOG /// some fucking killer bowl shit. click through and check that blog out, some good shit in the mix for sure.

big wheel bmx

some legit riding in here/// a couple bmx clips too.

matt dizon /// back in the game

heres one from yesterday that i fucked up /// sorry matt, but i definitely appreciate the tweet back from omar letting me know this shit didnt work out. so here it is today... fucking blowing it.

sick to see matt back at it after his bike got stolen/// but it doesnt look like the down time slowed his pace. he still killing shit. i dig that piano rider in there, and im always psyched to see people reppin NEMPRO.

bike check /// joss dakin's xlife scorpio

its not every day you see one of these built up, and joss posted a complete bike check up on my wall so i had to get it in the mix. here's the rundown;
FRAME: Xlife Scorpio V2 26er
FORK: 14bikeCo ESB
BARS: NS District 2011
GRIPS: VansxCult
STEM: Fly Bikes Alta
SEAT: Federal Two for Joy
BB: Subrosa Bitchin Mid
SPROCKET: Unknown 33t
CRANKS: Profile 160mm
FRS: Zontrac
HUBS: F- Sadio Spark
R- Resist 14mm Slotted
RIMS: F- Mavic
R- MTX33
TYRES: Conti Race King 2.2+2.0
PEGS: Demolition x2
AbikeCO Lite x2


keo is, was, and will always be the king of tarck riding. so much style and so many tricks other people just dont don. i dont know what this is about dropping so late after the video, but still sick. if you havent seen this full length yet, its up on netflix so check it.

the hisTTory channel /// wonka

if you never seen this one /// its some must see TTv. wonka from way back, one of the original pioneers. this was one of the ealiest edits from him and if you saw it back then you knew he was on some shit that most people couldnt touch.

off TTopic /// fixies at costco?

more than twice as much as the walmart fixie /// why fuck with a good thing? hahaha. who knew costco too?