i love flicks from this squad /// they raise hell haha. you gotta love that parking lot boxing shit and theres some good riding clips in it too. should be real good to see what kind of shit these fuckers get into as summer rolls on. i dunno why RIP tho/// that spot gone now?


this one just dropped for HALLOWAY /// i constantly underestimate montoya's bike skills///not that i dont realize he kills it, but it seems like every time he drops something new its so fucking sick. mind blown by this one for sure. some high speed hang 5's, some BIG rails, spots so sick, and his style is so fucking smoothe. shit like this definitely reminds me that fixed freestyle is on some next level shit these days. montoya kills it.


this edit is insane. sam has a one of a kind style and perspective on spots and riding///it really shows in this flick. he's looking real dialed on that HOLDFAST whip. theres sooo many hammers in here, the hop over log ride is insane, some gaps that got me scratching my head, and that hop over rail that dropped in photo sequence previously is WAAAY more insane in motion. so much good shit in here, pure creative originality///fucking killing it.


kris (aka LOCKEDCOG) has been putting it down since some of you still had training wheels haha. he got out to ride with gnarlos, whos been flying under the radar for way too long now. two different styles making some yin and yang type shit haha. real fucking pumped to see kris reppin that TT shirt in it too. must see TTv.


MISHKA is on some worldwide domination shit these days haha. they everywhere. korea is home to lots of fixtfreestyle talent///theres some good clips in this one for sure.

phillip williams /// illuminate

phils come up was swift /// but now he stays killing it. every flick he drops shows progress. he keeps his speed up, and definitely has his owns style on a bike. he's looking super comfortable on his bike these days/// those new grime bars are looking fucking sick built up too. phils shit is always some must see TTv // dont miss it.

osakafunny /// short edit

funny has been killing it since way back. killing it on some single spot shit in this one. he definitely finds some creative lines and puts some tech in the mix with this flick.

skate shiTT

some quality skate shit.


crispy stream got a dvd coming. cant wait to see more of this shit.

spun /// daily ride 6

spun keeps these coming. number 6 and they keep getting better.


some flatground shit at houghton park. im always psyched to see new riders coming up from long beach.


rerun <3