jball // one day in LA

this is incredible for a one day edit/// so many insane clips. jball proves he's got a shitload of tricks on lock and is one of the most consistent riders out there. this is an unreal amount of quality footage for one day out, and some hammers in here that put some stacked edits to shame. fucking killing it... and omar comes through with legit edits real quick. dont miss this one.

skate shiTT

a raw look at go skateboarding day in detroit. digging this one for sure.

daniel le /// go skateboarding day

daniel and a mob of riders got out for go skateboarding day/// on bikes tho. haha. still sick.

EMU /// trailer 1

this is pretty sick /// big bike, bmx, and fixed in the mix. kazy from kns.lo kills it... everyone gets some good clips in here. hopefully mita/a will keep these coming.


this ones old but 0:29 is probably one of the most memorable bmx clips i think ive seen.

n00bs /// yousef/james/stephen

kinda long but theres definitely some good clips from everyone in here. schools out get yo film on.