ALWAYS psyched to see something new from mosher. he is one of the pioneers of this fixie freestyle shit. respect /// also sick to see kyle getting inspired to put some edits out.

BIKE CHECK /// corbin's SKYLMT SL-1

here's a LOCKEDCOG eXXXclusive /// corbin's SL-1 build is so sick. these SKYLMT frames build up so clean, and got one of the best looking geometries out there right now. corbins choice in parts is dialed, this build is sick as fuck. head over there to check out more photos and a detailed bike check breakdown. fucking pumped on these frames.

evhs night session

theres some killer wheelie lines in here. mellow flick i missed from yesterday /// caught it on LOCKEDCOG cuz he knows whats good with that "norcal" local shit.


never forget how good it is to hold down a long wheelie. this kid got em dialed/// slow and controlled, one minute of straight wheelie.

phillip arellano /// trash man clips

phil is a fucking beast on his bike. he holds it down with a signature style and some agility that you never expect from someone his size. always fucking pumped on some phil and destroy shit, he stays killing it.

big wheel bmx

if ur looking for some motocross style mtb shit, this one will be a disappointment. haha///but i think this is some killer rigid fork big bike street mini shred.

dawson phan /// 2012

here's a solid stack of clips from dawson. he put in work and put together some good shit for this solo flick. tons of tech, footplant bar at 2:03 is definitely some good shit. he's been coming up over the past year and progressed a lot. always psyched to see something new from dawson.

rooTTs /// cherry park

Cherry Park Shreddin' - More BMX Videos

caught this one on THECOMEUP /// had to repost. some real good shit gone down at cherry. always psyched to see this park in edits/more so to see an edit entirely at this spot.

skate shiTT

caught this one by way of FOAD's likes on vimeo /// some child prodigy skate shit.

weird pista

weird pista is weird. ive claimed other web flicks to be "the longest running series" but i think weird pista takes the title of longest running.

off TTopic

its fixed // i want one of these haha

n00bs /// two flicks

the ender is some good shit /// if you ever been to that triple set you know its a solid hop.

new names, new faces, new styles. psyched so see more of you on these bikes.