kyle messier /// last nights fun

psyched to see some shit from kyle start to come through more frequent. i knew he killed it, but its fucking sick to get some edits in the mix. check that slam at 0:20 and thefixbitch? coming to the rescue haha. gotta love that. short and sweet under 1 minute, sick web flick entertainment for sure.

skate shiTT // go skateboarding day 2011

in case you have no clue /// here's a look at last years go skate day in LA. total fucking chaos//get out there and take over the streets today.

skate shiTT

warning: this is an advertisement haha. this deck has a sick shape and holes drilled for two different wheelbase options. sick curb shred in the mix too. definitely worth the watch.


this is the second installment of fiesta del suck from JMIK over at BHSKCOGBLOG /// always sick to see this guy get out and ride, and imo, it doesnt fucking matter how "good" you think you are or in this case how "bad" he thinks he "sucks" /// this shits all about good times, and he captured that here. check it, and if you dont already read his blog, you fuckin up... and check that TTv shout out at the end haha so fucking pumped on that.

quick clip /// tyler johnson beginner bmx

beginner my dick /// tyler kills it on every bike he rides haha. so sick to see him on a bmx.

skate shiTT

some epic raw skate shit from one of my favorite posse's to watch. 


i kinda slept on posting this shit /// i dont keep up on whats for sale too good, but this shits a quality project and zane kills it on everything he puts out, so you know this is some good shit. not to mention, footage from some of the best riders out there these days. click through and pick up a copy at the CHOPEMDOWNFILMS STORE.


big bikes, bmx, fixed all in the mix. this ones pretty mellow.

skate shiTT

heres another one from lost soul skateboards /// just because its go skate day, doesnt mean you have to roll with the whole mob, just go skate your private spot and chill out if thats your deal. fuck school, fuck work, go skate.

skate shiTT

it wouldnt be go skate day at TTv without some fucking barrier kult


probably going to post skate shiTT heavily today /// if you in long beach, cruise up to cherry park and check it out.