PLDGAF /// saturday scraps

here's one i missed from saturday /// school just let out... psyched to see some summer carnage from this squad. seems like they raise hell... no school to get in the way anymore haha.. and you gotta love the TTv shout in the description "TTvBLOG or JACK OFF WITH SAND PAPER" lol

quick clip /// ryosuke 12 stair rail

with edits like lino's and quick clips like this /// handrails are full speed ahead on fixed bikes. caught this on BOBLOG and had to reup.


lino went hard as fuck for this edit. definitely some must see TTv right here. big rails, big ledges, oppo grinds, good shit straight through. we've seen a few edits from him in the past, but this one "takes the cake". fucking sick to see someone drop the hammer and come through with some next level shit like this. doing it right for SADIO.

mike dinh in milwaukee

this is so sick /// im always psyched to see new shit from mike. he always has his own style and approach to shit, been doing this forever, but somehow he flies under the radar... edits like this are so sick, some comp, some street, so many good spots and creative tricks. i love watching mike ride. sam killed it on the edit too. dont miss this one.

omar sebai /// fathers day quickie

omar stays filming non stop /// here's a quick one day from yesterday. he's been killing it lately, some killer clips in here for sure... real psyched to watch him come up.

skate shiTT

the intro is long, but its worth it. best of jason adams/// i wish there was more skate shit like this.


this ones not new /// but OSS is one of the most legit sqauds in bmx. gabe fucking kills it, if you havent seen this shit... watch it now.

POSSE//PLDGAF summer preview

psyched on this squad. cant wait to see what comes out of a summer of no school and just bikes.

slyfix /// sonny ony

keep an eye on indonesia /// they keep getting better, and progressing quick.

n00bs /// four flicks

some clean filming and editing... and you dont see fixed with a brake everyday.

cockpit view on a handrail attempt.

you gotta be ready to fall if you wanna get some new shit dialed.

some fixed with some bmx in the mix.

fixed fest 2

coming soon...

TTARCK /// sMc

some tarck shit from sMc /// kickin it old school. i dig the flashback.


looks like helltrack was pretty good this year. some solid slams in the mix, fgfs, fixies, bmx bikes... sick event for sure.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

couldve been worse, but monday fucking sucks, you lucky fuckers probably dont have school anymore for the summer// but THIETH still gotta be at fucking work sitting next to bitch and right down the way from cunt, asshole, and fucker... eat shiTT.


im a big fan of one piece bars /// here's another option for those who want a tall no cross one piece. they look sick built up... available now, click through to PHOENIX and pick up a set.